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Friday, April 13, 2012

Fenway Story

A while ago I answered a call to listeners on WBUR, my local NPR station, asking for their favorite memory of Fenway Park.  I e-mailed this short story:

My favorite memory of Fenway Park is bringing my daughter Bridget to her very first game May 19, 2008.  She was seven.  She almost fell asleep even though it was cold, but we aroused her with whispers in the bottom of the seventh inning..."Bridgie, you should watch now, he's pitching...shhhh...a no-hitter."
She perked up.  "That's a big deal, isn't it?"
We will never forget watching the Red Sox crowd Jon Lester on the mound.  My husband and I had been to so many games and neither of us had ever seen such a wonderful moment for a such well-loved player.
For the next year, Bridget could proudly claim that every Red Sox game she'd ever been to was a no-hitter!
This is Bridget that night.

We are so glad you're doing this special report. I can't wait to hear the stories.
Kristen Wixted

Early this week, I got an e-mail back:

I’m a producer for a show called Radio Boston on WBUR...I loved the story you posted on the site, and I was wondering if I could talk to you about doing a very quick recorded conversation about the story sometime this week for a series of short “sound postcards” I’m trying to pull together for Radio Boston next week in honor of Fenway’s 100th anniversary...

So Bridget and I were interviewed at Fenway yesterday, with big microphones that looked like they came straight from the Muppet Show.  

And we're going to be on the radio next week!
I will post a link to the site when it airs.

And all I did was write a little story on an e-mail.  
I feel like I won something.  
*sweeps arm across waist and bows*

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