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Friday, January 17, 2014

Episode 1 comments

Okay, now that I've seen Episode 1 of Under the Gunn, I realize why Sam and I had this conversation at Christmas:
Me: I'm so excited for the first episode!
Sam: might not see too much of me in the first episode.
Me: Why?
Him: I can't tell you.
Me: Oh. Okay. Who's your mentor?
Him: *cringes* I can't tell you that, either.
Me: Oh. So...what did you have to design?
Him: *grins*
Me: *sighs* It's going to be like this for a while, isn't it?
Him: Yup.

They split them into 2 groups and Sam was in group 2, and that group doesn't actually design anything or compete until next week.
Episode 1 was very exciting regardless. 

I liked Nick as a mentor. I would pick him. He seems unbelievably smart at his job but not so artsy that he can't be practical.
I liked Anya's accent but I think she has a demanding side.
Mondo--I just don't know. I hated his outfit the second day, but he does have a good sense of humor.

To keep it brief, I'm going to give them all adjectives:
Blake: testy, petty
Shan: down-to-earth
Oscar: cha-cha (stole that from one of the mentors but it's so perfect)
Michelle: severe
Melissa: sweet
Camila: befuddled
Brady: confident, strong
Natalia: hilarious, tenacious

My 13-year-old Bridget said: "Natalia's so crazy and stressed out and I just want to see what she can make! btw, that dress is too short. They told her not to make it too short and she did anyway. 'I scared the mentors!' Hah! I love Natalia!"

I think I will update my adjectives as the weeks go on. That will be interesting to see how people grow and change.

Good luck to Melissa--I could picture either of my daughters in her outfit. It was lovely. (#fanofpolkadots)
Best of luck to her.

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  1. I enjoyed the first episode--I had been so excited to watch, as I love Tim Gunn, and especially excited when I read your previous blog post! (My comment on your post didn't stick--I think because I was on my phone at the time :() I can't wait to root for your nephew! (Although it feels more stressful to watch when you really care about the outcome--I wasn't prepared for that! Funny, since I don't even know your nephew!) So exciting!