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Friday, January 31, 2014

Runway Look? Uh-oh.

Last night our Sammy knocked it out of the park on Under The Gunn. I'm glad, if the judges were going to go with a pants/jumpsuit kind of thing, they picked the one that drew attention to the whole woman and not just a certain area of her body. I like the necklace too.

Congratulations to Sam on winning a challenge that was so out of his comfort zone.

Personally, I loved Asha's gown. The judges chose Sam and I couldn't be happier for him, but my favorite was hers. Keeping in mind I have never stepped foot on a red carpet...if ever do, I want to wear a beautiful gown, not anything with pants. 
I do understand, though, that if the judges are required to dress "red carpet" every so often, they would enjoy having comfortable options.
If this was a poor fabric choice, they didn't explain why on the show. 

I also liked Natalia's dress a lot. The gold straps in the back. Lovely.

I'm glad Nick is not Sam's mentor now. He's a character, but he did micro-manage. That would make Sam (and most people) crazy.
Sam and Gramma last Sunday

I'm doing adjectives for Mondo's team today:

Michelle-enthusiastic, practically bubbly, then unsure
Sam-confident, well-spoken, surprised
Camilla-tenacious, then devastated
Asha-(Is she even on the team? Because we barely saw her.) Strong, lively


  1. You write this Fasionista meets the Hunger Games mg, Kristen, and you are sooo published!

  2. Congratulations to Sam! The jumpsuit is strangely compelling, although I could never pull it off. Put me in a jumpsuit and I would look like a farmer.