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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Namaste, everyone.

"The light that is within me honors the light that is within you. Namaste."

That's what most of my yoga teachers say at the end of class, hands at heart center, with a bow.
It is my favorite part of the class. 
Yoga was the thing that I should have been doing for years that I didn't know I needed. I love the stretches and the poses that you don't think you could possibly do without falling over until you try--and you can. And then you "find your stillness" and feel the peace. But mostly I love the end, when I'm all loosened up and healthy and peaceful, and then I'm reminded that there is a light in me, and someone honors it.

That statement always surprises me a bit, and I can't ever get over how good it makes me feel.

So--that's me lately. I have wanted to get back to writing on my blog about something besides my nephew and Under The Gunn. It's very exciting for my family to see our Sammy on TV getting all famous and everything, and also extremely weird. He was over for dinner Saturday night and then Sunday he and his dad came sledding with us and then he came to the Lego movie with Peter and Becky...and then on Thursday we're going to watch him on TV. 
So. Amazingly. Weird.
And via twitter my daughter and I have been getting to know his teammate Asha Daniels, and she is so wonderful. She's witty and clever and enthusiastic about Bridget's interest in fashion. I love that about her.

But my followers are mostly writers, and let's face it: writers are not that into fashion. Right? Writers like sweats.
Yay for sweats!
Shhhh...don't tell Sam and Asha.


  1. I'm missing yoga today! I'm also at home with a headache, so missing the loft as well. And missing you! Here's to traditions that keep us going! Cheers. And here's to honoring the light! Namaste.

  2. PS--how was I not a follower? Weird.

  3. Thanks heavens you said that last part. I was feeling stupid for not being able to follow your posts on the fashion reality show. Yes, I am in sweats right now as a matter of fact!

  4. Sweats, YES! lol
    But it doesn't hurt to get interested in other things like fashion. :)